Does your training inspire you?

November 6, 2014

PTS Training 2007 177One thing we try to do at UST Training is to inspire operators to do a better job. There’s nothing in the training rules that expect this but we know enough about the UST industry and its professionals to know that simply explaining the rules isn’t enough. And every once in a while we get some feedback to know our customers understand this. Here’s an email we received today, Nov. 6. Thanks for noticing!

“Ben, amazing how long you have been working with UST.  I gather you started off investigating releases.  Somewhat in a reactionary mode and you have turned it into a preventive mode. Kudos to you.
My passion with the USTs. I am responsible for is operate the safest systems on a daily basis. Immediately investigate alarms, figure out the problem, take corrective action, and or report to my state agency.
Physically do the monthly inspections. Use the sight and smell concept,  I actually added the sump area and open dispenser doors and look for leaks on my monthly.  I still need to do C Operator training for this year. Will accomplish that in Jan, 2015.
More important is to protect our so important drinking water, our environment, my community, and my Organization. I conduct visual almost daily.  The UST training you have been providing allows me to keep my antennas up. Keep up the good work”

–Colorado UST Operator

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