Don’t Let This Be You: UST Violations Can Include Shut-Down

March 8, 2021

The US Virgin Islands… it sounds like paradise…unless you’re a Class A/B UST operator there and get banned from receiving fuel due to numerous UST violations.

According to the Virgin Islands Daily News, March 5, 2021 “Three One Love Service Station locations on St. Croix are barred from receiving fuel delivery because the company failed to abide by safety regulations, according to a statement issued Thursday by the V.I. Department of Planning and Natural Resources.

According to DPNR, its enforcement officers identified several violations at One Love stations, including failure to register tanks and obtain a permit to operate an underground storage tank system, failure to secure financial responsibility and coverage of insurance, and failure to obtain Class AB Operator certification training from a DPNR-approved source.”

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Good Class A/B operators know to get correct training; know about pollution insurance, and know about operating permits. Don’t wait to get shut down to learn about proper management of your UST systems. Learn more about Class A/B training today and what steps you can take to avoid serious violations.


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