Earn Free Training: Send Us Your Best UST Operator Pictures

June 9, 2022

Here at UST Training, we try hard to always use UST real-life images of UST parts and the people who own and operate UST systems. We like to think people relate to the training material better if they can see themselves in the shoes of the people they are watching on the computer screen.

That being said, we are always looking for new pictures to improve our training and so we have special offer to our customers: Send us your best picture of Class A/B or C operators doing UST duties, and if we like your photos, we will give you complementary online credit: $200 worth of online training for every picture we use.

Pictures should include individuals, ideally performing a certain task at an obvious UST site. Can include brand name or not. Submissions grant UST training to use those likenesses for promotional purposes. This is your chance to be famous! And trained for free!

Send your pictures to [email protected] and we’ll let you know if we select your entry.

Any questions please let us know at [email protected] or 866-301-8265.


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