Emergency Spill Response Placards Now Available

March 1, 2013

UST Training recently developed a template for UST owners to use to help them be prepared for an emergency spill, fire or release. Because of the Class C UST operator training rules, more and more states are starting to require UST owners not only have Class C operators trained to do emergency response but also have signage available if a problem happens after hours. This type of signage is required in Washington and Oregon and is a good idea at any UST site regardless.

The template comes with instructions and two fill-in-the-blank placards. Operators can download, print, fill in, laminate and post these signs: One at the fill area and one at the dispenser area.

For a limited time UST Training is making this Emergency Response signage available for free to download. These signs will be available in all of our Class A/B courses shortly, and not just WA and OR. Any questions just email us.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 9.18.55 AM

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