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EPA's List of State UST Reg Updates Now Live - UST Training

March 29, 2018

This is a big year for UST rule changes. States are busily working to incorporate the 2015 EPA UST rules that are supposed to be either in effect in each state by this October, 2018, or at least adopted as rules with a deadline on the near horizon. Here at UST Training, we’re getting lots of calls and emails about what to expect and where.  It pretty much boils down to two basic questions:

When did my state adopt the new UST rules?

When must I do things like test my spill buckets and flapper valves for the first time?

And guess what? Good news! The US EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST) now posts information about states that have adopted the Federal rules 40 CFR 280.

Here are a list of states that have officially adopted the rules and contact info for each state.

The list is supposed to be updated from time to time so stop by to see if your state is listed.

Plus the EPA web page provides the deadlines for spill and overfill testing, sump and UDC testing and periodic walkthrough inspections. It’s a simple table with basic items so if you’re looking for greater detail like who can test a spill bucket and by which method, then please check with your local agency.

At UST Training we’re also busy this year updating all of our training content to meet the new rules. Rest assured the material will be current and re-approved when each state deadline arrives.

And thanks EPA. Much appreciated!


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