EPA’s National UST Systems And Releases Web Map

September 30, 2020

(From Ben Thomas: An important new and free tool from EPA for UST operators, service providers and regulators.)

Dear UST Industry Partners:

First, I hope you and your families are remaining healthy during the ongoing pandemic.  I send my best wishes for your continued safety and good health.  Because of Carolyn Hoskinson’s recent departure, I am serving as OUST’s Acting Office Director, and I look forward to continuing our collaborative work and keeping our environment safe from underground storage tank petroleum releases.

I am writing to tell you that you can now access UST Finder, EPA’s national underground storage tanks (USTs) and releases web map application, via EPA’s GeoPlatform  See the quick start guide and user manual in the application.  You can also access UST Finder via EPA’s UST website where, in addition to a link to the application, you can read a 2-page document with more information about UST Finder.

EPA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD), with support from the Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO) and OUST, developed UST Finder; it is a flexible web map application containing a comprehensive, state-sourced national map of UST and leaking UST (LUST) data.  ORD compiled information about USTs, UST facilities, and LUST sites from states as of 2018-2019.  In UST Finder, ORD included information about proximity of UST facilities and LUST sites to:  surface and groundwater public drinking water protection areas; estimated number of private domestic wells and number of people living nearby; and flooding and wildfires.  UST Finder can import additional data layers and export UST facility and LUST site information for use by other software programs.

UST Finder can help our industry partners in a number of ways.  Examples include:  prioritize site cleanups; triage risk; identify sites that may be more likely to have a release based on UST age and substance stored; assist in locating UST facilities and responding to emergencies, such as floods, wildfires, and earthquakes; and identify potential risks to public and private drinking water supplies.

I think UST Finder will be a useful addition to other resources currently available about USTs.  Many thanks to Fran Kremer and Alex Hall of EPA’s ORD for leading this effort and ASTSWMO for their coordination and support role.  ORD plans to update the database periodically.  On October 13, ASTSWMO is hosting an UST Finder launch webinar; see for more information and to register.

For more information about UST Finder, please contact me or Alex Hall of EPA’s ORD, at

Mark Barolo, Acting Director
Office of Underground Storage Tanks
US Environmental Protection Agency

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