Ever wonder what a 3 gallon per hour leak looks like?

September 8, 2015

When doing an inspector training class last week, we had a petroleum contractor test a mechanical line leak detector in the field to see if the device could find a 3 gallon per hour leak. Unfortunately it didn’t pass, meaning not that the single-wall line was leaking, but a leak of 3+ gallons per hour could not be found. Want to see what 3 gallons per hour looks like? Click here.The good news was that the UST owner didn’t need to wait another 6 months to know he couldn’t find a catastrophic leak.  This video demonstrates how big a leak could go undetected if the line leak detector was not working properly. This visual is important because we don’t often see actual leaks because they’re usually buried so the mind has a hard time registering how bad things might be below grade.

We try hard at UST Training to make demonstrations like this leak so UST operators get a sense about the importance of equipment operations, testing and response.

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