First Impressions of LearnSavvy

March 21, 2022

Since we rolled out our new learning platform called LearnSavvy we’ve had very supportive feedback from our customers.

We survey everyone after each course and we love the feedback so far.

What did you LIKE MOST about this training? Feel free to make us blush.

• Easy to follow along, very informative in a short time span, and illustrated very well
• I loved how I could complete this course at my own pace. I was able to start and stop when needed in order to continue my daily tasks and rewatch slides if needed.
• The course was down to earth and easy to understand.
• Ben Thomas expounded on the material in the slides, and it didn’t put me to sleep!
• The course makes understanding my new job easy with highly informative step-by-step instructions and covers most everything I needed to review
• The ability to take the course at home or in my office and not have to be in a classroom.
• I liked how convenient this online course was to use and how easy to learn each lesson was.
• Ben Thomas was a great instructor, well-spoken and concise. Totally made the training unique and enjoyable.
• I liked the pictures of incidents. It brings the training to life. Even updating the pictures to current events yet leaving some of the classics helped keep my attention.
• I was able to be recertified, Ben Thomas was a lot of help! Even with helping online sign up.
• Easy to read! Easy to understand. The pictures help a lot to understand better. It’s like I was back in school taking Online courses ^_^
• The study guide really helped me follow along with the lessons as I went through them. It helped me retain more information by being able to see, as well as hear the information.


We support the model of Continuous Business Improvement so we take feedback very seriously. We’ve been given some great ideas regarding how to improve things, which we are working on now. Stay tuned for more improvements.

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