Free Compliance Assistance for Our Customers

November 19, 2013

IMG_0608You may not be aware of it but UST Training offers free technical and regulatory advice to our customers and has done so since Ben Thomas trained the nation’s first state-approved UST Operator training course in Portland, Oregon in 2003. Graduates of our training courses have full access to top national experts who are not only happy to explain UST regulations but can help you determine what is best for you at your particular site. We try to make a difference in the world by preventing leaks and spills from USTs and one way to do that well is make it personal.

Being the first trainer in the nation, it’s been interesting to watch other companies come and go offering their take on explaining the UST regulations. We are not the biggest UST training company out there but we think we are the best because we take the time to get to know our customers and make them feel like their compliance situation matters.

So if you are considering purchasing training from us, know that you get more than a nice looking training packet. You get us: people who are passionate about helping UST operators achieve custom compliance goals. So give us a call at 866-301-8265 or email us at

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