From the PEI Show at NACS: What’s New?

November 1, 2016

img_6308Ben Thomas of UST Training recently returned from the PEI Trade Show in Atlanta with lots to share about what’s new in the world of UST systems. PEI reported that 1,575 attendees visited 641 booths and 245 educational sessions. The show, including the NACS side, is so big that attendees never really get to all the booths and can’t spend enough time at each one to feel like they’ve “seen it all.” Even so, there are some major (and minor) things to report back to UST professionals including Class A/B and C UST operators.

EPA Updates
Senior staff from EPA headquarters gave an excellent talk about the new UST rules. Carolyn Hoskinson, Mark Barolo, Tim Smith and Ryan Haerer from Washington DC all offered federal interpretations and summaries of everything from sump testing to operator training to alternative fuels.

New Sump Testing Technology
Vaporless Manufacturing has come out with a sump tester that measures water loss during a sump/spill bucket hydrostatic test measuring water pressure. The test time is supposed to be super quick. Stay tuned for details.

The Veeder Root TLS 450+
Ben got a very in depth tour of the Veeder Root TLS 450 Plus (not to be confused with the regular 450). The console screen seems much easier to read than the first 450, and although the navigation through the various features is very different than the TLS 350, the 450 Plus seems much more intuitive and user friendly. Learn more about the TLS 450+.

FFS Pro University
We recently learned that Franklin Fueling has launched a great online University to train mainly technicians but some of the courses may apply to UST operators and inspectors, especially the free safety training.  Check it out.

Fiberglass Penetration Fitting
Bravo gave us a great demonstration on what might be the future for leaking sump penetrations using fiberglass retrofit systems. With large scale sump testing about to begin, we can expect to see a large number of leaky sumps discovered and the time seems right for some new solutions other than the rubber penetration boots of old.

What’s more important: EMV or Sump Testing?
One thing we learned this year is that there’s a massive national initiative that may be distracting UST owners away from things like implementing the new EPA rules: namely updating software at retail dispensers with better anti-theft measures, called EMV (collectively: Europay, MasterCard and Visa). We say distracting because EMV progress has been extremely slow in complying, implications of not complying are high, technician staff cannot keep up, and the deadline is a year away. Sound familiar, you folks who recall the 12/22/88 UST deadline? Learn more about EMV.

Warren Rogers
Leak detection standard-bearer Warren Rogers kept busy at the show. They’ve got some interesting solutions for managing profits as well as looking for leaks.

Selling Safety
Ben had a great talk with Patrick Karol, Senior Director of Safety for ECC Environmental who gave a spirited lecture about the culture of safety and how to promote it. The program is called Making Safety Personal and after hearing Patrick’s ideas, Ben was excited to learn the approach of UST Training and Making Safety Personal were pretty much the same. If you like metaphors, Patrick said good safety trainers have the vision of Henry Ford, the knowledge of Jack Sparrow and the heart of Mother Teresa. We promise not to let this go to our heads.

Goodbye Bob Renkes
Friend, mentor and part time rascal Bob Renkes of PEI said his goodbyes this year. The emotional highlight of the PEI membership meeting was a special video tribute to Bob Renkes, who will retire from PEI on May 31, 2017, after 38 years of service to the association.

And lastly…Coffee
In a million square foot show it’s surprisingly hard to a find a really cup of the coffee. But find it Ben did at Life In Green. In case you’re looking for a great C-store coffee solution, check these folks out.

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