Fuel Theft Report from Colorado: Please Share

March 23, 2022

Periodically we get requests about preventing thefts at convenience stores. This very helpful article shared by the Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety and re-shared by our friends at the Colorado Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association (CWMPA) is really worth passing on to people who are concerned about theft.

This was news to us: thieves somehow electrically isolate certain dispensers from the main point of sale system and pump $50,000 worth of fuel without being charged.


Our friends at OPS reached out to provide some courtesy information relative to the publicized fuel theft incident that occurred in Aurora.

Please see below and thank you to Mahesh, Zach and the OPS team.

I’m sure you heard the news story about gas theft in Aurora:

Apparently $50,000 worth of gas and diesel was stolen by “remote control” at the retail dispensers on March 14th. I want to share what our inspectors found so you can do the same with your members to prevent this from happening at their stores.



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