Getting ready for your next WA DOE inspection

March 11, 2022

Hello Washington Class A/B UST operators. We recently learned that the Washington Department of Ecology (DOE) is notifying UST operators via email about what’s expected of them for their upcoming compliance inspection. This is very helpful.

(For inspectors in other states, consider this approach to help you be more efficient with your time. Here at UST Training, we are a big fan of advanced warnings to reduce stress and enforcement follow up by letting operators know in advance what’s expected.)

Need WA Class A/B training to get ready for your next inspection?

Sample email from WA DOE. They even provide hyperlinks for all the necessary forms.

The following are a list of potential Technical Compliance (TC) items to be covered during the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Systems inspection at TC Inspection As indicated, these items may be submitted digitally prior to the date of inspection. Should you have any questions or require clarification, contact me. Please have the items that pertain to your Site ready prior to or at the time of inspection.

  • Current Business License with UST endorsement (digital submission)
  • Current Proof of Financial Liability for UST systems (digital submission)
  • Current Class A/B Operator Certificate(s) (digital submission)
  • Current Class C Training Log (digital submission)
  • Monthly Walk Through Checklist (beginning in October 2019) (digital submission)
  • Annual leak test checklist testing results (last two years tested) (digital submission)
  • Three year testing paperwork for Cathodic Protection on steel tank(s), line(s) or ancillary equipment as required (last two tests) (digital submission)
  • Three year testing paperwork for the automatic shut off and spill buckets as required (digital submission)
  • Enhanced Monitor certification (digital submission)
  • Monthly release detection printouts from monitor (one per month/30 days apart for last 12 months) (digital submission)
  • Picture of compliance TAG A0328 (digital submission)
  • Picture of emergency signage (digital submission)
  • Picture of monitor (digital submission)
  • Overview picture of the tank bed (digital submission)
  • Picture of the spill bucket closed (digital submission)
  • Picture of the spill bucket open with cap off of the drop tube (ensure interior of the drop tube is visible) (digital submission)
  • Picture of the dispenser (if not and Emergency Power Generator (EPG) system) (digital submission)
  • Pictures of the dispenser with the covers off (if not and Emergency Power Generator (EPG) system) (digital submission)
  • Pictures of under dispenser (if not and Emergency Power Generator (EPG) system) (digital submission)
  • Picture of the turbine sump showing piping and any sensors (pressurized systems only) (digital submission)
  • Verification of Safe Suction or Ball Float Valves (BFV) as required

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. I appreciate working with you collaboratively to achieve compliance!

Here is a set of the necessary links to assist with compliance: – Highlights of 2018 UST Rule Revisions – Focus on Preparing for an UST Inspection (revised October 2018) – Financial Responsibility for Underground Storage Tanks – Focus on UST Operator Training – Class C Operator Training Records – Monthly UST Walkthrough Inspection Checklist – Focus on Emergency Signage Required for UST Sites – Leak Testing Checklist – Focus on Automatic Tank Gauges – Focus on the New UST Secondary Containment Requirement – Walkthrough Inspection Checklist for Double-wall Spill Buckets and Double-wall Containment Sumps – Underground Storage Tank Galvanic Cathodic Protection Evaluation Checklist – Underground Storage Tank Impressed Cathodic Protection Evaluation Checklist – Retrofit/Repair Checklist for Underground Storage Tank – Focus on Waste Oil Tanks – What To Do If You Find A Leak Or Spill From Your Underground Storage Tank – Focus on UST Spills or Releases – Underground Storage Tank Addendum – Fuel Request for Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) – Alternative Fuel Installation or Conversion Checklist – Temporary Closure Notice for Underground Storage Tanks – Operational Status Notice to Return Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) to Service – Focus on Delivery Prohibition or “Red Tagging” – Underground Storage Tank – 30 day Notice – Underground Storage Tank – Site Check/Site Assessment Checklist – Permanent Closure Notice

Here at UST Training we want operators to not only become certified but also be ready for the next inspection which is the real test of whether or not the training worked.

Need WA Class A/B training to get ready for your next inspection?


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