Getting to Know Your Veeder Root TLS 350

October 12, 2021

Recently I spoke with a very nice UST operator who took and passed our online Class A/B course. In Colorado UST Operators must contact us, the training vendor, to review their site-specific equipment so they can basically explain what type of tank system, they have (double-walled versus single, pressure piping versus suction, etc.). It’s always an enlightening conversation and I can tell pretty quickly how much that person really knows.

While we spoke, I asked her walk into the back room of the c-store and look at the Veeder Root TLS 350 …and …it was in alarm. L12 Fuel Alarm to be exact.

Three things I realized:

  1. What does this mean? Operators still don’t always understand the Veeder Root sensor alarm indicator,
  2. Lots of sensors! L12 at least the 12th sensor at the site, which is kind of a high number. There’s at least 12 sensors so it’s likely a big UST site with lots of senors, and
  3. More help needed. Operators need help navigating alarms, even after taking our training.

If you are a UST operator and don’t consider yourself a tank gauge hot-shot, here are some links to help you improve your ability to not ignore or miss alarms:

YouTube Videos

User Guides

No single training course can teach every UST operator about all they need to know for every single but certainly try. We do pride ourselves in providing practical training that helps UST operators better understand that various alarms mean. Got an ATG alarm, question or idea? We’d love to hear from you.


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