Guam and Saipan: Training the Farthest West UST Operators

June 11, 2016

USVIThis week UST Training’s Ben Thomas heads to the Western Pacific to provide live Class A/B UST Operator Training on two US island territories. Ben first heads to the island of Guam where he’ll train about 125 UST operators over three days of classroom instruction. The Guam EPA adopted all the new Federal UST rules before they became effective nationwide, so Guam’s rules contain all the new rules most states are currently working on adopting (30-day walk throughs, sump testing etc.) This will be UST Training’s first class A/B course to fold in all the new federal rules alongside the new 2015 amendments. It’s ironic that a place so far from mainland America (17 hour time difference) could have such an advanced program. Ben was last here in 2012 and hopes to connect with old operator buddies.

While in Guam, Ben will provide the first ever “Subpart K” training to an invitation-only  group of UST operators who manage airport hydrant systems and field constructed tanks, now regulated under Guam UST law. These tanks, previously deferred from Federal UST rules, must start abiding by Guam’s UST operator training rules. So this is a unique opportunity for trainer and student alike. More on that later.


Next, Ben heads to the Island of Saipan in the neighboring Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). There, tank owners from the three CNMI islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota, will gather for a one-day Class A/B course to get certified (or re-certified) as Class A/B UST operators. Ben was last here in 2012 and hopes to get in some jungle and beach trekking (called Boonie stomping) with his wife Julie.

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