Indian Country UST Operator Training: what you need to know

June 2, 2022

UST Training has been training operators in Indian Country for many year – first live in person, then live webinars, and now 100% online 24/7.

What is Indian Country?
Think of Indian Country as autonomous, Federally recognized nations within the boundaries of a state (or, states, in some cases). For those inclined towards legalese, here’s the legal definition.

What UST rules apply?
Generally, UST Systems that are located within an Indian Country reservation of a Federally recognized tribe are subject to US EPA UST rules and not state rules where Indian Country is located. There are some exceptions so it’s important to establish under which jurisdiction a particular UST applies.

How many Indian Country USTs are out there?
According to the EPA: “Of the more than 570 federally recognized tribes, about 200 have federally-regulated underground storage tanks on their lands. Of those 200 tribes, over half have 10 or fewer active underground storage tanks. About 20 tribes have 30 or more underground storage tanks.” That equals about about 900 UST locations nationwide.

What’s different in Indian Country?
As far as UST systems go, not much since those systems must meet the federal UST requirements. However, often times UST’s in Indian Country are located in remote and rural areas, making it usually difficult to get access to UST parts and service providers.

What about Operator Training?
UST Training has excellent training opportunities for the tribes. We have Class A/B and C UST Operator courses specifically designed for Indian Country.

The US EPA currently provides an online certification exam but it is not training per se, and does not provide important things like exactly how to comply with the UST rules.

Any free training?
UST training is proud to offer an inspection training video specifically designed for Indian country. Check it out: New Indian Country UST Inspection Video Now Available

Any more Resources?
UST training provides an extensive resource library for Indian Country operators

Can I get more information about the EPA Indian Country program? Yes, Right here !

As always, if you have questions about Indian country an operator training contact us anytime. 866-301-TANK or [email protected]


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