Iowa Class A/B Course Revised and Re-Approved

October 12, 2021

UST Training is pleased to announce that our Iowa Class A/B UST Operator Training course has been re-approved the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. In 2021 the IA DNR adopted new UST rules to match those of Federal EPA rules and we’ve updated our slides accordingly.

And did we mention our Class A/B course is free for qualifying UST operators?

With a generous reimbursement from the Iowa UST Fund, this course is provided for free to the following Iowa UST operators:

  • You must be within 4 hours travel time to the UST site for which you are responsible,
  • You must be within a 2 hour drive if the UST site is unstaffed,
  • You must fill out all your contact information (including the IA DNR UST Registration #) before you start, and
  • You cannot already have been trained as an Iowa UST operator.
  • You must complete course, including the final exam, within 30 days of signing up.

Sign up today!

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