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Is your UST Ready for E-15? American Petroleum Institute Issues Caution - UST Training

May 7, 2012

UST Training wants to make sure your UST is compatible with the fuels it stores including tank, product piping and all ancillary equipment. E15, or 15% ethanol blended gasoline may pose compatibility risks.

FRIDAY, May 4, 2012 – The American Petroleum Institute (API) has released its E15 infrastructure impact analysis that summarizes the ten E15 compatibility studies that have been issued to date. As a conclusion, API states, “Retailers choosing to sell E15 are required by OSHA and fire codes to use listed equipment, and EPA rules require that equipment be proven compatible with E15. The result is that very few sites will be able to sell E15 fuel with existing equipment. Equipment modifications could be as little as new hanging hardware (i.e., hose, nozzle, etc.) or as much as an entirely new fuel dispensing system. Additionally, selling E15 may increase the risk for staff and customer safety, and present environmental consequences. The possibility of customer misfueling and the adverse effects of E15 on vehicle engines are also issues that should be considered. The only alternative is to not store E15 at the facility.” Here is a link to API’s press statement.

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