Kudos for training but a reality check for the work ahead of us

November 25, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe received this email from a UST inspector last week:

“Late one night, not long ago, I got called in to responded to a spill event at a (nationally/globally branded) commercial fueling station, and when I asked the night manager (in training) to show me her ATG, she opened a closet filled with loose coils of (V-R printer) paper and nested in the middle was a TLS350 blinking red –a ‘L#’ liquid sensor alarm -she told me she didn’t understand it but it had been blinking like this for over a week. Etc.  So as the problem exists in Washington, so it does in my state too.

In my opinion you are really targeting the right audience and the right issues- outreach, outreach, outreach to the yet unaware- unaware despite the best intentions of federal and state programs, regional PMAs, PEI and equipment manufacturers. Good Work.”

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