LUSTLine Newsletter highlights Costco’s Excellent UST Program

August 3, 2016


UST Training recently learned that Costco Wholesale was highlighted for UST compliance excellence in the recent issue of LUSTLine (Bulletin 80, June 2016). The gist of the article is that you can have both profit and environmental compliance: one does not preclude the other. The head of the Colorado UST program, Mahesh Albuquerque wrote a great overview how Costco goes above and beyond what’s required, including staffed fueling islands, continuous leak testing, spill kits, state of the art equipment and extensive maintenance and service.

At UST Training we’ve trained all the Costco Class A/B UST operators in Colorado since 2009 and we are proud to be associated with what we consider a culture of high environmental standards. Costco typically has redundant equipment in place even if not required and has a great handle on the risk factors that affect the environment. As Ben Thomas has said jokingly to roomfuls of Costco store managers over the years “Short of pulling your tanks out of the ground, there’s not much more you can be doing to improve compliance.”

UST Training encourages all UST owners to look closely at your company’s compliance culture and look for ways to improve managing your risk. That helps the environment and your bottom line.

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