Meet Kris, Our Friendly Help Desk Person

August 17, 2021

Behind every successful company are the day-to-day workers who keep the ship going in the right direction. In recognition of their efforts, we want to introduce you to the team that keeps UST Training running so smoothly. This month, meet Kris Rodden: UST Training help desk, admin and technical support
Kris has worked with UST Training since April 2017 and provides our customers quality technical support with care and a keen eye for detail. 
From Kris:

“I grew up in my parent’s small mom and pop drugstore. It was a one stop shop kind of place so I grew up with role models in excellent customer service. That was the mission in addition to making a good living. Local Pharmacists in an independent store can be much beloved in small towns and my dad certainly was. He was compassionate and dedicated to helping people and my mom managed and trained all the employees, among many other roles. The customer was most always right and “how can I help you?” was the philosophy. <3 So I’ve got customer service in my blood. I started working there at like 10 years old, dusting vitamin bottles with a feather duster.”
Kris is the mother of two young adult daughters and works in Portland, Oregon, affectionately known as Rip City and the City of Roses. When she’s not working with our customers, she’s doing online coding training or teaching kids how to do computer coding. For fun she enjoys dining at one of the best food lover capitols in the country or hiking on local forested trails and kayaking on local rivers and lakes. We’re every fortunate to have Kris as our lead customer support person and she’s honored to to be a part of the team and help our customers in a friendly way.
Feel free to say hi to Kris and contact her if you have a technical or sales issue.


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