More Positive Feedback About Our Class C Course

March 28, 2018

Every once is a while we get a great compliment from folks who really care about USTs and UST training. Here’s one we got today, unsolicited.

I have to congratulate you all on a fantastic course!  I have had an AB Operator Certification in California, Missouri, Georgia, Tennessee, and now Florida.

The information normally is so dry, and frankly boring…  that it makes it extremely difficult to retain the information necessary to pass an inspection.

Your course kept the information interesting, and fresh enough, that upon completing the course, I felt like I really learned something.  The Class C Operator course as well, I watched with one of my employees, and it was just so fun.  Fun enough, that the information required stuck.

Thank you for doing such an excellent job in presentation and instruction.   The money spent was extremely worth it.

–Florida UST Operator

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