Our Arizona Class A/B and C Courses Now FREE

Our Arizona Class A/B and C Courses Now FREE

October 6, 2020


  • Arizona Class A/B and C UST Operator Training is now FREE courtesy of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).
  • Classes are self-paced and 100% online. No more travel!
  • Free for all operators of USTs regulated by the ADEQ who are employees of the UST owner’s company (excludes third party contractors).
  • Fast, easy, and convenient. Computer, laptop and tablet-friendly.
  • Brought to you by the national UST experts at

Get started today

How it works

  1. Determine how many training licenses you need (Class A/B or C or both).
  2. Select number and type of licenses.
  3. Setup individual or group account when you checkout.
  4. For group accounts: assign licenses, start training
  5. For individuals: start training

What if I don’t know who needs to trained as an A/B or C operator?
Easy. Contact us to help you decide. Call 866-301-8265 or email [email protected]

What do I need to start?
Just a computer with Internet and speakers. Learn from home or work.

I’m super busy at work. Can I start and stop anytime I like?
Absolutely. Fit the training into your work schedule by pausing anytime.

How long does it take?
Class C training can be done in about 30 minutes. Class A/B takes a bit longer: about 3 hours.

Do I automatically get certified?
Yes, once you pass the final exam (80% or better) you can print your certificate of completion.

Are the course approved?
Our Class A/B course is approved by the ADEQ and our Class C course meets all the ADEQ requirements.

Can I train as many people as I like?
ADEQ wants everyone trained equally so ideally you should train at least one Class A/B and all Class C’s per individual UST location.

What if I get stuck or have questions?
We have tech support standing by during normal business hours to help get you unstuck.
Or call 866-301-8265 or email [email protected]

May 15, 2020

Tanknology Now Offers Our Online Courses Nationwide

Our good friends at Tanknology, the world’s largest provider of tank testing and environmental compliance services for petroleum systems, now offers all our of online, state-specific Class A/B and C course on their web page. Check it out!. The Class C courses are approved or accepted in every state and territory (except CA) and the Class A/B courses are approved in 25 states and territories with more come coming soon.

Allen Porter, President and CEO of Tanknology, adds “As the nation’s most trusted provider of environmental compliance testing, Tanknology is excited to team with UST Training and to offer our clients a full array of online training options. We feel this partnership will benefit our clients, both large and small, and will add to the selection of services that Tanknology offers.”

Also look for Class C in Hindi, not to mention bulk discounts for all the classes. Start training now!

Learn more about Tanknology here

January 10, 2020

Alabama Petroleum Equipment Contractors Association Now Authorized Reseller

The Alabama Petroleum Equipment Contractors Association (ALPEC) is now an authorized reseller of our online Alabama Class A/B and C UST Operator Training Courses for Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida. Check it out!

ALPEC is an Association formed to educate, elevate and promote contractors who engage in the installation and maintenance of petroleum product facilities.

November 25, 2019

CWPMA Now an Authorized Reseller of Our Online Class A/B and C Training

We are pleased to announce that the Colorado Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association (CWPMA) is now an authorized reseller of our online Colorado Class A/B and Colorado Class C UST Operator Training Courses. Check it out!

CWPMA members also get an extra 20% discount. Email us at UST Training for your coupon code today. Have your member ID ready.

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September 11, 2019

The North Carolina Petroleum & Convenience Marketers Association Now an Authorized Reseller

The North Carolina Petroleum & Convenience Marketers Association (NCPCM) is now an authorized reseller of North Carolina “Emergency Response Class C UST Operator Training” course online. Check it out!

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September 11, 2019

Wyoming Class C Online Now Acceptable

Good news for Wyoming Class C Operators. Our online version of the Class C UST operator training course “Fuel Station Safety” is now considered acceptable by the WY DEQ so long as the Acknowledgment of Training form (provided in the course) is properly filled out and signed.

Aside from California and Puerto Rico, our Class C course is approved or accepted in every other state and territory.

Check out the course now!

July 16, 2019

Ben Thomas Article Published in PEI Journal

Ben Thomas, founder of UST Training, provided his perspective on the importance of UST operator training in the 3rd quarter publication of the PEI Journal. The article, Does UST Training Really Work, is a thought-provoking study that Ben presented at the 2018 National Tanks Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Check it out!

June 20, 2019

Tank Integrity Services Now an Authorized Reseller of Class A/B and C Training

Our old testing friends at Tank Integrity Services in North Royalton, Ohio now provide links to our online Class A/B and C UST operator training for UST operators in all states we offer Class A/B and C training. Check it out!

Tank Integrity Services has been tank and line testing in  Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia for many years but also provides testing services nationwide.

Want to learn how you can make money selling our online courses to your members or customers? Sign up today!

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