Scaling your Class C Solution: What’s Best for Your Company

November 5, 2018

In the world of UST regulations, variability reigns. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, an answer to virtually any UST question starts with “it depends.”  The same goes for the question:

What’s the best online option for me for Class C UST Operator Training?

Well, it depends.

It depends mostly on the size of your company and how many Class C operators you have. But can also be affected by things like turnover, distribution of sites, in-house security, and budget. Here are the four options we offer. Does one work for you?

Option 1: Single User. (I have a few class C operators.) Easy. Set up a couple of individual accounts, one per person.

Option 2: Training Kiosk. (I have a bunch of Class C operators.) Use our nifty group account option whereby your company has its own private group account, complete with company logo. You can add multiple locations and add unlimited users per location. Or we can add them for you. Best where not all Class C’s have email. No cost to set up. Bulk discounts automatically apply. Our most popular option.

Option 3: Training University. (I have a ton of Class C operators but don’t have my own Learning Management System or LMS). For more complex or larger companies who don’t have an in-house LMS, set up a larger and more robust group account similar to the Training Kiosk above. Best if all Class C’s have email or you want more access security. No cost to set up. Bulk discounts automatically apply.

Option 4: Lease. (I have a ton of Class C operators and have my own LMS.) Add our approved Class C course to your existing course catalogue of your web-based system and you’re up and running. If your new employees are assigned to take a variety of in-house online training when they start, chances are you quality. Setup costs are included with an annual lease. Learn more.

Still not sure which is best for your situation? Call 866-301-8265 or email us for a free consultation.

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  1. Leigh Burdick says:

    How are you doing? We haven’t spoken for along time!
    I have 6-10 new people that need C training, and probably 2 that need B training. What plan would you recommend for the training process? I’m thinking probably Option 2 ??
    I need to get it done fairly soon, maybe first or second week of January.
    Do you think Transdev could set up a credit account with you, or do we still need to use a credit card?

    1. Ben Thomas says:

      Hi Leigh. Nice to hear from you again. Option #2 is the best and if I’m not mistaken you’ve already got this kind of account set up. Basically log back in and purchase more licenses as needed. if you get stuck just give us a shout.