Nebraska Training Deadline 12/31/15

October 17, 2015

Nebraska UST operators have until the end of the year to complete training for Class A/B and C UST operators. Have you completed the training and printed your certificate?

We at UST Training have been training UST operators since 2003 so we know what’s important, relevant, valuable and engaging to our audience. Which is why Nebraska UST operators really like our online training solution. Here are the results our Nebraska survey for those who took our training.  (click on an image to enlarge). We’re happy to report that Nebraska operators not only really liked the course, not only really liked the online experience but actually found the information helpful.

survey1 survey2And here’s what Nebraska UST operators have to say about our course:

“Covered UST Systems from top to bottom, very complete, instructor very experienced and knowledgeable on all components and systems overall. Also very knowledgeable in new requirements to come.”

“Presented well in short segments to allow me to start and stop as needed. very direct not a lot of un-needed information presented.”

“It gave me more understanding of the importance of UST training”

“The study guide was helpful, and enabled me to add more comprehensive notes.”


Still need training? Still have questions? Have a friend who needs training? Call us at 866-301-8265 or email us today. Or if you’re ready to get trained, here are the links:

Buy Nebraska Class A/B (Only $125.00)

Buy Nebraska Class C (Only $12.95)


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