Need Answers for Test Questions on your Final UST Exam?

January 29, 2020

Since we started the nation’s first online courses for Class A/B and C UST operators back in 2007, people often ask about the final exam. Here are some commonly asked questions about passing our courses.

What’s a passing score?

We require a passing score of 80% or higher for Class A/B certification. That’s 40 out of 50 questions answered correctly. For Class C you must get a 75%; that’s 15 out of 20 questions answered correctly.

Who makes up the exam questions?

Ben Thomas of UST Training. Ben has over 32 years in the UST industry, including over 20 years writing UST multiple choice questions for a number of companies, groups and agencies, including the International Code Council.

Are the answers available somewhere?

Kind of. The final exam is open book, plus we offer a great study guide with all the notes from the slides.


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Are the questions random?

Yes, Class A/B operators get 50 questions randomly selected by the computer out of about 150-200 total questions, so no one ever gets the same exam twice. Class C operators get 20 random question from a bank of about 75 questions.

How long does the exam take?

For the Class A/B exam, plan on about an hour to answer 50 questions. For Class C, it takes maybe 10 minutes to answer 20 questions.

Is there a timer on the exam?

No, take as much time as you like.

What happens if I don’t pass the first time?

You do not need to buy another course or pay again. You are allowed to try again without charge or penalty.


Any questions about our exam process, please contact us anytime at 866-301-8265 or