Need Live Class A/B Training?

July 13, 2023

Online UST training is convenient, self-paced, and becoming the standard to accommodate our busy lives. With us issuing over a million certificates since 2007, we understand that online training makes the most sense for most UST’s operators.

But…it’s not live.

The most common advantages we hear about live training include: the value of social interaction and community building; being able to ask questions and learn about site-specific conditions; getting out of the office and away from the computer; and, if possible, going out and doing a real life field trip to a UST site.

Over the last two decades we’ve provided UST operator –as well as inspector –training in many states throughout the country, literally from Guam to the US Virgin Islands and many places in between.

So would you:

  • Rather have a live class from a UST professional?
  • Want an instructor-lead field trip to a real live UST site?
  • Want to get your team together to all hear and see the same thing?
  • Have a decent sized group?
  • Have a training budget?

If your group or organization would prefer live training, let us know! Would be happy to give you a quote. Email us at [email protected] or call 866-301-8265


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