Need Training in 2023?

October 25, 2022

Attention UST Operators, inspectors, and compliance managers. Interested in virtual training on virtually any UST topic? Don’t have a travel budget but need training anyway?

Ben Thomas, senior trainer of UST Training is scheduling webinar courses for 2023. Have a group of people who need UST training? Webinars can range from 1 to 500 attendees, and can be one hour, many hours, all day or multiple days, depending on your needs.

Ben has years of experience providing online beginning and advanced training for State, Federal and Tribal UST inspectors as well as customized training for individual companies.

Topics can include:

  • 2015 Testing Requirements
  • Automatic Tank Gauges
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Field Constructed and Hydrant Tanks
  • Leak Tests and Leak Detection
  • Leveraging Internet Technology for UST Compliance
  • Monthly Walkthrough Inspections
  • Overfill Prevention
  • Suspected Release: Identification and Response
  • USTS 101: Parts and Equipment
  • Where Are the Leaks Coming From?
  • Other topics of your choice

Benefits of webinars versus live classes

  • Unlimited seating
  • Attend from anywhere
  • Interactive
  • No travel
  • Very cost effective

Ben can be available for any time zone from Guam to US Virgin Islands. Customized course is also available. Cost is based on number of participants, amount of time, and type of training.

Give Ben a call and see how he can help you improve your UST compliance goals. Call 866-301-8265 email [email protected]

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