Need Veeder Root TLS 450 Plus Training?

March 24, 2020

UST Training is pleased to announce the addition of 13 new online training videos to its nationally recognized Tank Savvy Minute video series: This time about the TLS 450 Plus, the latest Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) from Veeder Root. Check them out!

Shot live at a busy convenience store, these videos are super helpful for those want to become more “tank savvy” with the latest TLS 450 Plus features. If you’re used to the common TLS 300/350 series, you’ll find the new console quite different. But it’s touch screen interface is easy to use once you’re shown a few pro tips by UST Training President Ben Thomas. In fact, the UST Training team only rehearsed for an hour after working with the console for the first time ever, then shot each of the videos back to back. We’re not bragging: we’re just saying it took us almost no time to figure out how to properly use the 450 Plus. So you can too.

Topics include:

  • How to drive and get basic information from your TLS 450 Plus
  • Alarm reports
  • Delivery reports
  • Line Leak Detectors
  • Using the mobile app
  • Printing
  • Sensor overview
  • Setting and security
  • Security and users

We also added some nifty screen closeups so it’s even easier to see how to use the touch screen navigation menu. Ben Thomas also breaks down the functions and features into basic terms that everyone can understand.

Feedback so far:

“I am going to be sending a message in April to all my sites, telling them to watch your new 450 + videos.  They are great.” –Robert Largent, AAFES

UST Training has been the nation’s leader not only in online UST learning but also with free supplemental training through our Tank Savvy Minute series.

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