Nevada DEP Petroleum Fund Grant Program for UST Upgrades

April 8, 2019

Good News Nevada UST Operators!

The State of Nevada has a grant program for financial relief for qualified Class A/B UST operators who upgrade their UST systems. Effective last fall, the Nevada UST rules now require all UST owners and operators to do periodic testing of spill buckets and containment sumps. The cost to upgrade or replace failed equipment may be significant and prohibitive for a small business UST owner or operator.

Grant funds cover the purchase and installation of spill buckets, containment sumps, and any other equipment approved by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (DEP) that is subject to periodic testing and may require replacement to prevent a release to the environment. Maximum Grant award amounts are:

$38,000 for upgrades to one storage tank systems

$64,000 for upgrades to two storage tank systems

$90,000 for upgrades to three or more storage tank systems

Get all the details about the online application process and requirements here.

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