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New EPA UST Rules Published July 15 - UST Training

July 16, 2015

om-logo2The New Federal UST rules were finally published in the Code of Federal Register on July 15, 2015, which makes them officially the law of the land yesterday. The effective date (starting line) is October 13, 2015.

Get the final version here

According to EPA. here’s the 10,000 foot view:

The 2015 regulation changes certain portions of the 1988 underground storage tank technical regulation in 40 CFR part 280. The changes establish federal requirements that are similar to key portions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. In addition, EPA added new operation and maintenance requirements and addressed UST systems deferred in the 1988 UST regulation. The changes include:

  • Adding secondary containment requirements for new and replaced tanks and piping
  • Adding operator training requirements
  • Adding periodic operation and maintenance requirements for UST systems
  • Adding requirements to ensure UST system compatibility before storing certain biofuel blends
  • Removing past deferrals for emergency generator tanks, airport hydrant systems, and field-constructed tanks
  • Updating codes of practice
  • Making editorial and technical corrections

The 2015 state program approval (SPA) regulation also updates SPA requirements in 40 CFR part 281 and incorporates the changes to the UST technical regulation listed above.


At UST Training we’re offering a series of free webinars to help folks understand what the new rules mean for you. The first class is full but we have room

August 18, 2015, 11 AM Pacific Time


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