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New Jersey UST Operator Training- Last But Not Least... - UST Training

October 25, 2017

The Good News: The last state in the nation — New Jersey — is about to adopt UST operator training rules, along with the rest of the 2015 EPA UST amendments.

The Bad News: For Class A/B operators, New Jersey will only allow the use of specific live Class A/B Training and an ICC certification exam. UST Training won’t be able to offer online training to Class A/B operators.

At UST Training, we’ve been offering online, EPA-based Class A/B courses for a number of years for New Jersey folks who want training before the rules became finalized. Now it looks like, once the rules pass in the next few months, that option will go away. Reciprocity (you got your Class A/B certificate in another state) may be allowed but it will likely be difficult to convince the NJ DEP.

For more information about what’s about to be required, download the NJ DEP UST training information sheet


The Good News: For Class C training, our online course will be good to go since New Jersey, like many states, won’t approve (or deny) third party vendors like UST Training. Like many other states, it will be up to the Class A/B operator to decide how best to train and we’ve got a course now that meets and exceeds the NJ UST rules.

The Bad News: None!

Want to try the New Jersey Class C course? Click here

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