New Standard for UST System: PEI RP 1200

August 24, 2012


Attention Class A/B UST Operators: The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) has just released a new recommended practice document: RP 1200: Recommended Practices for the Testing and Verification of Spill, Overfill, Leak Detection and Secondary Containment Equipment at UST Facilities.

Those familiar with our UST Operator Training programs know we put a lot of emphasis into Best Management Practices or “what you should do in addition to what you have to do.” We often encourage UST operators to test certain equipment prone to wear and tear to make sure it’s working, regardless of whether the testing is mandatory. Many times operators ask how to perform those tests: now we have a uniform answer: refer to PEI RP 1200.

UST Training’s own Steve Purpora was on the RP1200 committee: as a 30+ year tank tester, Steve has extensive background testing USTs and we’re proud to be a part of this new, important standard.

You can purchase RP 1200 here.

The standard is not law but a recommended practice. For those Class A and B UST operators who want to stay ahead of the curve, consider adopting these standards into your company compliance plans. And we suggest work with your UST service provider to determine how to make these practices improve your compliance goals.

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