New Updated Class C UST Operator Training Course

June 29, 2017

Big news: UST Training recently updated our nationally recognized Class C UST operator training course Fueling Station Safety. The updates include improved graphics, the addition of gas station 3D images and videos, and a a fresh new look and feel.

The course, first published in 2009, has been used by several hundred thousand Class C operators nationwide and is considered one of the most widely used Class C UST training course in the industry.

Preview of the new course.

Also, the course is published in HTML 5, which means users of mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) can now take the training as well without needing Flash.

“Why make a great course even greater?” asked Ben Thomas of UST Training. “The course is eight years old and it was time for a facelift. We wanted to make sure the images were contemporary. And we wanted to improve the user interface so it was fun to watch and not just some boring thing a worker had to slog through. Plus, we added a bit more content regarding safety equipment, spill kits and how to respond to different types of incidents.”

“Adding videos of real life fires and fuel overfills really drives home the point that Class C operators literally can and do save lives” Thomas added.

The new version, meanwhile is good to go in most states. Only CA and WY do not recognize online Class C training. Click here for a list of Class C courses by state.

Ben Thomas of UST Training has been doing Class A/B and C training since 2002 and has been in the UST industry almost 30 years.



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