Our Tank Savvy Videos Posted on Jalopnik

March 9, 2021

We were surprised and pleased to learn that a few of our Tank Savvy Minute videos were mentioned on the popular auto web page Jalopnik.

I Finally Looked Up Why Gas Pumps Sometimes Run Slow And It’s Not What I Thought

“But the one slow flow cause that I found really interesting was a tripped leak detector. When the leak detector uh, detects a leak, it will trigger a slow flow condition, which ideally will result in a customer notifying someone at the station that there’s something wrong. Here’s Ben again in an absolute 10/10 Popcorn classic Tank Savvy Minute:

(15,800 views as of 3/9/2021: not bad)

Founded in 2005, Jalopnik is one of America’s largest car news and opinion sites, reaching 8.5 million unique visitors per month.

For all you Class A/B and C UST operators, become more Tank Savvy by watching more videos here



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