PEI RP 100 Updated

April 14, 2017

This just in from PEI:

The 2017 edition of RP100: Recommended Practices for Installation of Underground Liquid Storage Systems (PEI/RP100-17) has been finalized and is available for purchase at The price is $40 for members and $95 for nonmembers. The 2017 edition supersedes the 2011 edition of the document (PEI/RP100-11).

The PEI Tank Installation Committee reviewed and dealt with more than 30 public comments submitted by installers, industry consultants, manufacturers and regulators. In addition to numerous revisions to increase the clarity and readability of the document, the new edition contains significant substantive changes, including the following:

Vent restriction devices (ball float valves) are no longer included as an option for installation.
References to important new resources on corrosion in USTs storing diesel and ethanol fuel blends have been added to Appendix C.
Double-walled spill buckets are now listed as an option that should be considered for installation.
Procedures, measurements and time requirements for the testing of containment sumps have been substantially revised.
The “Release Detection” chapter in the 2011 edition has been rewritten, reorganized and expanded into a new chapter on “Leak Detection” that, among other things, contains detailed practices for double-walled tanks and piping.
The illustrations and accompanying captions in the 2011 edition have been updated. New graphics on suction pumping, piping layouts and flexible connectors also have been added.

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