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PEI RP 900 Being Revised - UST Training

February 12, 2016

6d519e66-2762-4aaf-9008-d3d0024b0569-originalSince 2009, UST Training has been offered complimentary inspection forms to our Class A/B UST operators, using Recommended Practice 900: UST Inspection and Maintenance (2008 Edition) by the Petroleum Equipment Institute. The document includes super helpful checklists used to verify conditions at UST systems on a daily, monthly and annual basis. UST Training has given out thousands of these forms and, as a PEI member, is proud to have provided UST operators nationwide with a simple way to stay organize and stay in compliance.

This year the RP 900 document was up for review and PEI received a number of comments and suggestions to consider from the UST community. Ben Thomas of UST Training was elected to the RP 900 committee and recently attended a two-day meeting to review the comments and revise the document accordingly. It was a productive and very collaborative process. The group members in total represented over 500 years of UST technical and regulatory experience and Ben was humbled to sit beside so many talented UST professionals.

Another reason to revise the standard is to ensure RP 900 takes into account the new EPA UST rules, which came out in late 2015. As states develop similar rules, RP 900 will become a critical guidance document to help with things like the 30-day walk though inspection.  So stay tuned for an updated version later this year.




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