PEI RP 900 Update for Class A/B Operators Doing Monthly Inspections

September 16, 2016

savvyThis just in from the Petroleum Equipment Institute’s Tulsa Letter…It’s good news for Class A/B UST operators who will be performing the 30-day walkthrough inspections, coming soon to a state near you.

“PEI’s UST System Inspection & Maintenance Committee (Committee) met September 8 in Chicago and updated all but one section of PEI’s Recommended Practices for the Inspection and Maintenance of UST Systems (PEI/RP900).

The last piece of information that will be added to the document is a new Appendix D that deals exclusively with the issues water presents in underground storage tank (UST) systems. Appendix D is the Committee’s response to nine public comments that requested the recommended practice address water management in storage systems, including water detection and removal. Strategies to prevent water intrusion in systems storing ethanol-blended gasoline and diesel were also encouraged by some of the commenters.

Since the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) updated (2015) rules included PEI/RP900 as a code of practice that may be used to meet EPA’s walkthrough requirements, the Committee wanted interested parties to have an opportunity to read and comment on Appendix D before it is included in the recommended practice. The public comment period will end Friday, October 14. The Committee hopes to review and act on the comments to Appendix D shortly thereafter and publish a revised PEI/RP900 in December. To review and comment on the new Appendix D go to”

Ben Thomas of UST Training is proud to be on the current PEI RP 900 review committee and looks forward to sharing this new updated version once it’s out. Any questions about RP 900, contact Ben at

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