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Spotlight: Steel Tank Institute - UST Training

May 6, 2014

8a STIp-3You may not know it but the Steel Tank Institute or STI has been around since 1916 acting as the nation’s trade association leader for the fabricators of steel construction products and their suppliers. In the UST world, if you see a tank with the STI logo on it you know it has been manufactured to today’s STI standards, including the 3 “P’s” of Protection: electrical isolation, special coating and cathodic protection via sacrificial anode. By now all our Class A and Class B UST operators should be familiar with these terms.

But STI does more than just certify steel tanks. They have a big presence in UST education. You can always see the STI staff at tradeshows and conferences spreading the word about good tank practices. Our friends Lori Grainawi, Wayne Geyer, Dana Schmidt and others tireless travel the country to help keep folks informed about steel tanks and their proper testing, maintenance and management. I first met Wayne and Lori when I was a regulator for the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation in the early 1990s and I am proud to have worked with them all these years on many issues facing UST operators.

Flooding: Want to learn about preventing your tank from popping out of the ground during spring flooding? Read this handy 2-page STI bulletin.

Water: Want to make sure you’re managing water properly in your UST system?  Check out this great 13-page document Keeping Water Out of Your Storage System.

Training: Want to go further into the world of steel tank products? Check out STI’s Education and Training page.

Mishaps: If you like our “what’s wrong with this picture” series you’ll enjoy STI’s Tank Use Mishaps.

Newsletter: Sign up for the very informative Tank Talk Newsletter and get periodic updates on issues facing steel tank operators.

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