Puerto Rico UST Operator Training Rules

Status/El estatus:
Rules Adopted in late 2015. Las reglas Adoptaron.

Basics: Los conceptos básicos:
Puerto Rico EQB adopted rules similar to Federal UST guidelines. The biggest difference from the draft rules is that Puerto Rico does not recognize third party training vendors. All Class A/B and C UST operators must pay for, take, and pass a final exam in order to be fully certified. Puerto Rico EQB adoptó recientemente reglas semejantes a pautas Federales de UST.

Class A/B/Catalogue UN/B:
Our National Class A/B UST Operator course is available and will help UST operators prepare for the final exam by EQB in Puerto Rico. But it does not qualify for EQB certification.

Class C/ Catalogue C:
Our Puerto Rico Class C online course is available in Puerto Rico but is not approved. As with Class A/B training, this does not meet the EQB certification requirements. Nuestro de Puerto Rico C el curso que Clase en línea es aceptable en Puerto Rico.


See the Puerto Rico EQB web page for more information.