Utah UST Operator Training Rules

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Utah DEQ adopted operator training rules similar to Federal EPA guidelines with a few exceptions such as a 01/01/2012 deadline. Other differences include:

  • Class B operator does routine daily aspects of operation, maintenance, and record keeping for UST systems.
  • The Class B operator is an owner, employee, or contractor working for the UST owner or operator. Some of the duties of the Class B operator are:

– Ensure that an on-site operator inspection of each facility is performed every 30 days.
– Ensure that the UST system is monitored every seven days for leak detection alarms, etc.
– Be present for DEQ compliance inspections, or designate another individual to attend.

UST Searchable Database:
Not available at this time.

Class A/B:
Utah approved third party training vendors but requires passing a DEQ final exam after completing the training. Our Utah Class A/B UST operator training course is approved.

Class C:        
Our Utah Class C online course is available and considered acceptable in Utah.

See the Utah DEQ UST web page for more information.