Wisconsin UST Operator Training Rules

Wisconsin adopted operator training rules similar to Federal EPA guidelines with the main exception that “large-sized” UST owner-companies had to be trained by 12/31/11. All other UST owners had until 8/8/12 to comply.

Class A/B:
Wisconsin approves third party training vendors. UST Training is approved in Wisconsin for Class A/B. Trained Class A/B Operators must perform monthly compliance inspections using forms provided by PEI RP-900 for USTs and RP-500 for dispensers. Certified operators must also fill out the state Designated Operator form.

Free Help: Before taking our training, make sure you download your facility specific information from the State of Wisconsin searchable UST database. That way you can apply the relevant information to your particular UST system and get the most out of your training.

Class C:        
Our Wisconsin Class C online course is approved in Wisconsin.

See the Wisconsin UST web page for more information.