Statewide Solution for Class A/B UST Operator Training

March 9, 2021

UST Training, Inc. can offer your state UST program an alternative to your existing online Class A/B UST operator training at no cost to your agency. Based on our years of experience training UST operators nationwide, in conjunction with our efforts helping numerous UST agencies, we can create, launch, run, manage and report online training for your entire state. The goal of this proposal is to reduce leaks, spills, accident, and ignored alarms while improving UST operational compliance through high quality and motivational training.

How it would work

  • UST Training creates a state-specific Class A/B course.
  • Your agency reviews, comments, edits and approves content.
  • UST Training launches the course online and charges users.
  • UST Training manages all aspects of the program, from tech support to final certification.
  • Your agency places a link to the course on your web page and promotes the course.
  • UST Training provides certificates, and user progress reports to your agency.
  • UST Training makes changes to content as needed at no cost.

Want to discuss how we can offer you a statewide solution? Contact Ben Thomas at 360-321-4776 or [email protected]


  • No cost to your agency
  • Free updates
  • Statewide reporting 24/7

About our courses

  • Self-paced
  • Audio narrated
  • Down to earth explanations
  • Lots of images
  • Practical advice as well as regulations
  • Rapid online tech support
  • Available on demand 24/7
  • Class C approved in nearly all states
  • Class A/B approved in many states
  • Includes handouts, lessons, final exam and certificate
  • Over 70 bonus YouTube videos

Class A/B state offerings

We’ve provided state subsidized training in:

  • Iowa
  • Arizona
  • Wisconsin
  • West Virginia

We’ve built/helped create online training in:

  • Montana
  • Maine
  • Idaho
  • Kentucky

We provide statewide solutions in

  • Arizona
  • Guam
  • CNMI
  • USVI

We offer specialty courses for:

  • Hindi Class C
  • Texas Hindi Class A/B
  • Indian Country Class C
  • Indian Country Class A/B

We did the nation’s first state-approved Class A/B course in:

  • Oregon in 2003

Want to discuss how we can offer you a statewide solution? Contact Ben Thomas at 360-321-4776 or [email protected]

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