Stay Savvy, Stay Safe

March 30, 2020

Hello friends of UST Training: We’ve set up a web page dedicated to helping you navigate the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation at it relates to your UST system by doing what you do best: Staying Savvy and Staying Safe.

Gas stations, convenience stores and supermarkets, still are considered essential services and will remain open. In order to stay open safely, UST owners should ensure:

  • Only healthy staff come to work,
  • All inside work surfaces and restrooms are sanitized continuously,
  • At the fueling island, all dispensers, nozzles, card readers and key pads be kept extra clean,
  • Daily checking of your automatic tank gauge continues,
  • Monthly release detection tests are conducted as usual,
  • Spill buckets are inspected, maintained and cleaned, and
  • Any suspected releases are responded to properly.

As new information becomes available we’ll be adding it to the links below. Stop by for updates.

First: Basic Safety Steps

Keeping Your UST system Operational

New Tank Savvy Videos by UST Training:

Weekly Zoom Chats with Ben Thomas

C-Store Employees (Class C Operators)

Financial Help

Inspirational Links

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