Stay Savvy, Stay Safe

March 31, 2020

Hello friends of UST Training: We’ve set up a web page dedicated to helping you navigate the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation at it relates to your UST system by doing what you do best: Staying Savvy and Staying Safe. Stop by for updates and sign up for our newsletter

Gas stations, convenience stores and supermarkets, still are considered essential services and will remain open. In order to stay open safely, UST owners should ensure:

  • Only healthy staff come to work,
  • All inside work surfaces and restrooms are sanitized continuously,
  • At the fueling island, all dispensers, nozzles, card readers and key pads be kept extra clean,
  • Daily checking of your automatic tank gauge continues,
  • Monthly release detection tests are conducted as usual,
  • Spill buckets are inspected, maintained and cleaned, and
  • Any suspected releases are responded to properly.

As new information becomes available we’ll be adding it to the links below. Stop by for updates.

First: Basic Safety Steps

Keeping Your UST system Operational

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C-Store Employees (Class C Operators)

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