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Franklin fueling system Archives - UST Training

April 8, 2019

Franklin Podcast Features Ben Thomas

Let’s be Frank, the petroleum industry’s first UST podcast series, recently interviewed with Ben Thomas of UST Training. The Podcast’s host, Franklin Fueling, asked Ben about how he inspires UST operators to respond to ATG alarms, Check it out!


April 4, 2019

Handy Remote Interface for Franklin Fueling Systems ATGs

Are you a Class A/B UST operator with a Franklin EVO 550 ATG? Did you know that Franklin Fueling Systems provides a webpage that allows the Fuel Management System to be accessed directly through a PC? Operators can navigate through easy to use webpages created by the ATG console on a PC to view fuel management and compliance data, generate reports that can be printed, and access control functions for starting tank and line tests and dealing with alarms. Check it out!

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March 28, 2019

Free Podcast by Franklin Fueling about Navigating UST Regulations

Our friends at Franklin Fueling just published a great podcast about the new EPA UST regulations. Check it out!

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October 22, 2018

Franklin Fueling Summary of the EPA Rules

Normally we like to format our own version of things like the new EPA UST rules, but Franklin Fueling Systems did an excellent job creating a nifty below ground map that shows each of the rule changes and points to each change as it relates to various locations on a buried UST system. Plus you can see all the parts underground. It’s very helpful and very visual.

Note that the October 13, 2018 deadline only applies to states that are not EPA-approved and states that also happen to have the same October 13, 2018 deadline. Not sure if the deadline applies to you? Give us a shout.

But meanwhile download this cool brochure.


December 18, 2017

The Making of a Tank Savvy Minute

Notes from the field…

Making a one-minute training video at a real live gas station sounds easy but there’s plenty that can and usually does go wrong in the field when the camera starts to roll. Our Tank Savvy videos are shot on location to give each clip the “this is totally real” feeling. However, lighting, ambient noise, discovering wrong or broken equipment, busy foot and car traffic, loud c-store customers, and the periodic unexpected surprise all makes for very fluid working conditions.

I’ve had deer walk into the shoot, loud traffic from an unloading ferry whiz by, merry drinkers shouts obscenities, a Harley fire up and take off, dogs bark, and homeless man almost ram me with his laden shopping cart.

Recent we shot a series of Tank Savvy Minutes at a very busy gas station in downtown Portland, Oregon. Andrew Knapp and Loren Swalheim of Franklin Fueling Systems approached me at the PEI show in Chicago and the plot was hatched to shoot a series of videos about the Franklin EVO 550.

The fun part about shooting training video is scripting something that is original, helpful and maybe a little playful. Andrew and Ryan fly out, met me and my Portland friend Nick the cameraman, then we spent about a half hour getting me familiar with the EVO 550. Here’s one video from the shoot. More to come soon.