The First O&M Manual…20 Years Ago

May 18, 2020

Did your UST training vendor pioneer the government UST compliance manual? If you trained with us, the answer is yes.

While cleaning the office last week, UST Training founder Ben Thomas came across a document he forgot he’d authored 20 years ago: The Alaska UST Operation and Maintenance Manual, dated March of 2000. Looking back, we’re pretty sure it was the first of its kind: a government authored three-ring binder that explained all the UST rules and provided a place to store all the required paperwork.

Once Ben got the template figured out, as a state inspector he printed and mailed one to every UST owner in Alaska, complete with each owner’s name and address on the cover. It was a big hit. Since then many UST agencies, state, local, or tribal, have developed their own version of useful compliance binders but we like to think we were there at the beginning.

Sometimes it’s tough to be innovative and work for a government agency and stay ahead of the curve. As the saying goes, no one wants to be first but definitely no one wants to be last.

And we’ve continued to improve the idea. For many years we’ve provided the Oregon Fuels Association with an enhanced UST compliance binder that OFA offers its members every year. State of Oregon inspectors have told us they really like seeing the binders because it generally means the UST operator is better organized and less likely to get a fine for non-compliance.

Have a sample of a compliance binder you like and want to share? Send us a link or a copy and we’ll share it on our next newsletter.







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