There’s a New Sump Test in Town: Meet Dri-Sump

May 26, 2021

Can a fog machine and lasers find leaks in containment sumps? Read more.

UST Training recently collaborated with Dri-Sump to provide refresher training to Montana licensed UST workers. We were very impressed with some new sump testing technology so we’d like to share it with you.

“Developed by AC’CENT Environmental Services, Inc., Dri-sump® is an EPA-approved containment-tightness testing technology that delivers digitally recorded pinpoint testing accuracy to 0.05 gph in just 60 seconds and uses no water and creates zero waste.Instead of water, the system uses a food-grade, pH-neutral, non-petroleum vapor aerosol that is injected into the sump, filling a 300-gallon sump in 10-15 seconds; after the test, the vapor dissipates in about 10 minutes. After injecting the aerosol vapor, an air generator “pulls” the gases from the sump into a viewing chamber that is connected to a Vapor Stimulator Tube (VST), where a laser is introduced. If the viewer sees a green laser “dot,” there is no leak and the sump passes the test. If a green “line” is observed, a leak has been detected.”

Learn more about Dri-Sump

As you know from your training, UST operators need to tightness test their sumps and spill buckets every three years. And conventional hydrostatic testing, involving managing large quantities of potential oily test water, can be expensive.

Want to learn more? Contact Dri-Sump and learn more about this new test method.

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