Training in the Western Pacific

August 4, 2014

DSC05094Ben Thomas recently returned from Saipan, CNMI, where he taught, quizzed and re-certified 40 Class A/B UST operators from the islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota. CNMI, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marinas Islands, has a rich and interesting history and is a US territory. If you want more information click here.


The typical UST system on the islands (mostly gas stations with a few emergency generator tanks) consist of nearly all double wall fiberglass tanks and piping though there is some flexible plastic as well. Most of the systems have submersible turbine pumps but there’s a fair amount of suction systems as well. Nearly every site has an ATG. Many of the Class A/B operators have 10+ years experience in the industry. There is no ethanol or biodiesel available on the islands. There are two major gas station chains on Saipan- Shell and Mobil. Keeping water out of sumps and spill buckets remains a major challenge since it rains a lot in the “rainy season” of July through December.

If you ever find yourself out there, Ben highly recommends Booya’s Local BBQ.


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