Update on our Class Worksheets

October 28, 2022

If you’ve been a Class A/B or Class C UST operator for a while, you probably know that we provide site-specific worksheets to complement our training. We did this to help meet UST requirements in some states, and also to make sure our certified Class C UST operators were trained on the unique conditions at their UST location.

How it works

After a Class C operator completes our online class C course, they download a PDF worksheet that they fill out with their supervisor.  This tells newly-minted Class C UST operator where certain pieces of emergency and safety equipment are located at their site. For instance, we want every single operator to know exactly where the emergency shut off switch is, not just where it’s theoretically located.

Why we did it

The original idea came about around 2010 when we created the worksheet as a way to help assure state inspectors that UST operators had the option of getting site-specific training. Since then, we have issued over 700,000 certificates and hopefully have helped operators to prevent a number of UST related disasters. And maybe the best way to see the success of the worksheet idea is that a number of states have copied our form and made it required. For that reason, we make sure the worksheet is specific to the state that you are trained in.

What happened along the way

As more and more companies continue to rely on UST Training for their operator training needs, we have been able to offer more and more ways to get you trained, from our own LearnSavvy LMS, to licensing our courseware, to affiliate sales, and more! To make sure each trained operator gets the correct worksheet, wherever they’re trained, we now bundle the worksheets directly inside our Class C courseware. This ensures that the operator always has the current and correct version.

Worksheets are  a guide and not a replacement for training. However it turns out that over the years a number of UST operators have used the worksheets without getting the proper training. To address this, we now provide the worksheet only to those taking the course.  Our worksheets also now include a warning to let state inspectors know that the worksheet is not training and is not a certificate of completion.

We’re happy to have certified almost three quarters of a million UST operators nationwide since 2007, and we want to think that every day someone, somewhere, is being a little smarter about managing fuels and being in compliance with UST requirements. 

How has the worksheet helped you with your site-specific training needs? Do you have ideas for ways to improve facility specific training for your team? Please contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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