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US Virgin Islands Class A/B UST Operator Training Now Online - UST Training

May 6, 2014

USVIWe now offer Class A/B UST Operator Training for the US Virgin Islands (USVI). All UST operators on St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John can take our national Class A/B UST operator course to meet the requirements of USVI’s DPNR UST Program. Click here to learn more.

Our USVI Class C course is also available.

We did a live training on the Islands 2010 and are familiar with UST systems as well as the operators in this beautiful Caribbean territory.

Did you know in USVI:

  • 90% of all service stations on St. Croix are located over its major groundwater source, Kings Hill aquifer.
  • On St. Croix, groundwater contributes to 81% of water production supplying 65% of the island’s population.
  • In 2010 there were no automatic tank gauges on St. Croix. Nearly all UST systems relied on soil vapor monitoring for monthly leak detection. We made a compelling argument during class to upgrade to automatic tank gauges.
  • It is illegal to dispense fuel while a UST is being filled during delivery. And fill caps are all locked.
  • Most USTs have pressurized versus suction piping.
  • Most UST do not have interstitial monitoring.
  • There are no on-island service providers.


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