UST Inspectors Need Training?

December 30, 2021

Need State or Federal UST inspector training this upcoming year? But concerned about potential travel restrictions due to Covid-19 in 2022?

We’ve got a simple solution: Live, interactive webinars for you and your team of UST inspectors.

Ben Thomas of UST Training is one of the few UST operator trainers who also provides training for UST inspectors at a state, regional or even national level. Last year Ben offered many webinars across the US that were very well attended and well received.

Ben can work with groups of any size: from a small handful to over 100. He also offers anything from one-hour to 5 days, depending on the topics you want covered. He’s happy to use whatever platform you prefer: Zoom, Teams, WebEx or others.

Interested? Contact Ben at 360-3214776 or [email protected]


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